What Does Homeowners Insurance Actually Cover?


While we may think of our homes and the “safe place” where nothing can happen to us, the reality is that there are circumstances out of our control. Like we always say, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home. Finding a homeowner’s policy that works for you is step number one; understanding the policy and what it actually protects your home against is step number two.


A standard homeowner’s policy generally protects your home and your personal property from damage caused by:

  • Fires or lightning

  • Windstorms or hail

  • Explosions

  • Riots or civil uproars

  • Aircrafts

  • Vehicles

  • Smoke

  • Theft or vandalism

  • Falling objects

  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet

  • Freezing of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, or other household systems

What Can Homeowners Insurance Do for My Home After a Tragedy?

Dependent upon the coverage that you have, homeowners insurance can be a life saver after a tragedy such as a storm, a break in, or injury of others while in your home.

Homeowners insurance can help repair your house and freestanding structures (garage, tool shed, etc.) if damaged by things like lightning, tornadoes, hail, vandalism, vehicles, or fire. It can also help pay to relocate you during repairs.

If your stuff is stolen in a home burglary or damaged in a fire, homeowners insurance can help reimburse you for the cost to replace it. In some cases, this coverage applies away from home, too (say, if your laptop is stolen from your car).

If guests are injured in your place, homeowners insurance helps protect you from paying their medical bills out of pocket. It can also help cover injuries you cause away from home (as long as they’re accidental).

In these cases, you could be stuck with a steep repair or medical bill if you do not have a homeowners’ policy. It is best to be safe rather than sorry in this scenario.

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