Specialty Cars Call For Specialty Policies


Your specialty car is just that, it’s special! You know that you don’t want “average” coverage for your prized possession, after all the time energy put into your vehicle. That is why there is a specialty car insurance offering. We understand that regular auto insurance might not cut it when it comes to your classic, custom, antique, or sports car.

Your specialty car requires advanced care, much different than your everyday drive-around-town car. Here are a few situations that may arise with your specialty car for which you would want a specialty policy.

Car Shows

  • A specialty auto insurance policy provides the option to cover your car if you want to leave your car on display while talking a walk around a classic car show. The stress of leaving your car unattended will be relieved with a specialty policy.


  • Furthermore, perhaps that show is overseas, with a traditional auto insurance policy your car may not be covered if anything happens to it while traveling or while overseas.

Fix-ups and Accidents

  • Rare, collectible cars often require rare parts. A specialty auto policy may cover your rare and unique parts where a traditional auto policy has no guarantee of replacing the parts depending on your policy. You can also include coverage for an accident or total loss. Work directly with your agent to create a total loss policy that works for you.

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Specialty Car Insurance Coverage: