Life Insurance: Planning Ahead for

the Future


Your life insurance may run out before you think it will.

That goes directly against what life insurance means to most people. A majority of those who purchase life insurance do so for the peace of mind that it gives them about leaving behind family and other loved ones.

Americans say they want life insurance to cover expenses for at least 14 years after they die – but according to a poll conducted by the Futures Company, in reality the money is usually enough to cover only three years of expenses.

The poll surveyed more than 1,000 people in 2013 that were at least 25 years old and were either married or had dependents.  The people surveyed had a median of $220,000 in life insurance coverage.

Those in the survey were first asked questions pertaining to how they felt about their life insurance. About 60% said they thought they had enough coverage. Once asked specific questions about how they want their life insurance benefits to be used, it turned out only 20 percent had enough coverage to meet those needs. Once you start asking yourself questions like “Do I want my life insurance policy to cover college expenses?” or “Do I want this to replace the main source of household income?” the funds can disappear quickly.

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When taking out a life insurance policy, talk with your insurance agent and go over the specifics of what you want or need your policy to accomplish. Taking these steps will give you the peace of mind a life insurance policy is meant for.