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Your specialty car is just that, it’s special! You know that you don’t want “average” coverage for your prized possession, after all the time energy put into your vehicle. That is why there is a specialty car insurance offering. We understand that regular auto insurance might not cut it when it comes to your classic, [...]







Businesses of all sizes face threats from all sides on a daily basis. Anything from flood or fire, dishonest or inattentive employees, or even a unsatisfied customer can turn your business on its head in an instant. In order to minimize risk in these cases, you must not only buy commercial insurance, but you must […]

While we may think of our homes and the “safe place” where nothing can happen to us, the reality is that there are circumstances out of our control. Like we always say, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your home. Finding a homeowner’s policy that works for you […]






Homeowners insurance is an obvious “must-have”. If you own a home you must protect it, yourself, your family, and the things housed within. But what if you don’t own the property? What if you are just renting? Renters insurance is much less talked about in the mainstream but is equally as important as homeowners insurance. […]






Your life insurance may run out before you think it will. That goes directly against what life insurance means to most people. A majority of those who purchase life insurance do so for the peace of mind that it gives them about leaving behind family and other loved ones. Americans say they want life insurance […]

Homeowners Insurance is necessary as well as difficult to understand. This is a tough combination. Here are a few tips for current policy holders as well as those shopping for a policy for the first time. Buy the right insurance Know your options before you take the plunge. Look at your insurance coverage in four key areas: […]

Think of auto insurance as part of your total financial plan; a powerful tool that can help prevent unnecessary costs and protect you and your car from surprising and potentially devastating events that are out of your hands. Here are 4 reasons to contact your insurance provider today! 1. It’s the law! This is arguably […]